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Can I get an Amen, somebody? Oprah. Girl.

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Selena’s microphone covered in her well known listick color. This one is on display at the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi Texas and is from the infamous Last Concert.

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Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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I don’t know how to tone down my love. It was meant for a covenant, so I’ll just wait for my ribcage. A good thing he shall find. 

what…how are you supposed to react to such flawlessness. 

Diana Ross

babygirl before babygirl was babygirl

Brandy, Wyclef, Rita Marley and Lauryn Hill

that’s me on the far right. 


Josephine Baker in Siren of the Tropics (1927)

she still AFRICAN dancing. 

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currently reading this right now

Eve and Lauryn Hill

Have you seen any changes in the industry in the issues of race, the issue of being a woman, and now being a woman over fifty?

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